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Jacques Adnet Flight of the Pigeon Ceramic Sculpture

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Jacques Adnet, a renowned architect and designer celebrated for his iconic furniture reflecting the rationalism, functionalism, and cubism of the 1930s, also harbored a lesser-known passion for ceramics, tapestry, and ironwork. Among his rare and sought-after creations are the Art Deco bird sculptures, which exemplify the stylized elegance emblematic of the era. While Adnet is most famous for his furniture, these pigeon sculptures are a testament to his versatile artistic vision and skill. Flight of the Pidgeon encompassed his unique artistic rendering in cream-colored earthenware and signed Adnet on the bottom.


With their magnificent stylization and embodiment of 1930s aesthetics, Adnet’s Art Deco bird sculptures showcase his ability to transcend mediums and create timeless pieces. Despite being overshadowed by his furniture designs, these sculptures reveal a hidden aspect of Adnet’s creativity and add depth to his artistic legacy.


Jacques Adnet (1900–1984)

French architect and designer combined geometric simplicity with elegance in his designs. This lamp is a testament to this. At the peak of his artistic career, he decorated the private apartments of the French President at the Elysée Palace and the meeting room of the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.



19.25″ T x 5″ W x 7″ D

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$ 2,500
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