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Hagenauer Sculpture "Woman Walking Panther, " Vienna 1930s Art Deco

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This dynamic sculpture, “Woman Walking Panther,” is a striking example of Art Deco artistry from 1930s Vienna. Crafted by the renowned Austrian sculptor Karl Hagenauer in 1928, this piece captures the essence of the era’s style with its elegant nude woman confidently walking alongside a sleek panther. Karl Hagenauer is celebrated for his iconic Art Deco decorative objects, and this sculpture exemplifies his mastery, featuring a brass body with chrome plating that adds a lustrous finish to the piece.


The sculpture’s composition exudes movement and grace, showcasing Hagenauer’s skill in capturing both the human form and the panther’s fluidity. The contrast between the woman’s delicate curves and the panther’s powerful presence creates a harmonious balance characteristic of Art Deco design. This piece embodies the artistic spirit of its time. It is a testament to Hagenauer’s artistic vision and craftsmanship, making it a captivating addition to any Art Deco art and sculpture collection. The piece was recently restored.


Carl Hagenauer founded the Hagenauer firm in Austria in 1898. His son Karl became the head of the company in 1928 after studying with Joseph Hoffman and winning bronze and silver medals at the 1925 Paris Exposition. His work was prolific, including many “useful objects” such as mirrors, cigar cutters, bookends, and hood ornaments. He produced humorous and playful figures as well as highly stylized ultra-modern sculptures. He managed Hagenauer Werkstatte until he died in 1956.


His younger brother, Franz, focused more specifically on sculpture, often drawing from African art as his inspiration. His long life ( 1906-1986  ) provided him with a long career, and many of the most elegant Hagenauer pieces can be attributed to Franz.  Though Karl and Franz produced many animal pieces, beautiful female forms were a specialty of Franz’s. Spanish dancers, models, mythical goddesses, and African natives were sources for his design.

Karl Hagenauer Art Deco Woman on Horse Statue



Height: 9.85″ x Width 10.63″ x Depth: 3.55″

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$ 3,000
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