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Art Deco Greyhound Dogs Bronze Sculpture by S. Bizard

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Two Greyhound dogs, a nickeled bronze sculpture by French artist Suzanne Bizard. Stylized figural and accurate rendering portraying a pair of greyhound dogs relaxed in situ. Stunning quality showing the many physical characteristics of this breed: Slender, musculature, oversized paws, calm and attentive. Detailed etched and grained platform bronze base sitting on original beveled green and white marble base. Signature embedded in the bronze base.


Greyhound dogs are iconic to the Art Deco world and seen in paintings, sculpture and decorative arts.


Art Deco Greyhound Dogs Bronze Sculpture by S. Birand



Suzanne Bizard was born on August 1, 1873 in Saint-Amand-Montrond. A Sculptress, she is a life member of the Society of French Artists, where she exhibited until 1936. She obtained an honorable mention in 1901, where her plaster statue Towards the Ideal was purchased by the State. She also exhibited at the Salon of French Artists Honor and Money in 1903 and two portraits in 1904 and 1905. She received a bronze medal in 1913. She specialized in bust portraits, children’s statuettes and groups. Suzanne Bizard died on January 21, 1963 in Paris.



26″ W x 14′ T x 6″ D

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$ 6,500
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