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Grand French Poster for Joseph Perrier Champagne 1930

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A grand scale original French Stone Lithographed Poster for Joseph Perrier Champagne,  The playful image of a woman in a skirt made of grapes, a headpiece that evokes bubbles and the  smile on the lips of the model  captures the spirit of celebration and champagne. Designed by the Artist Joseph Stall in 1930 it is a most enduring image of the Art Deco Era.  At 5’6″ tall, this would be magnificent in a restaurant, lobby entry way  or a home with a tall entry way or great room.


The printer, B.Sirven is well known in Toulouse and Paris as producer of Art Deco and Art Nouveau Posters  as well as formal certificates since it was founded in 1834


Perrier  was founded in 1825 by Joseph Perrier.

Always family owned, 6 generations later it is the only remaining House making champagne in Chalons-en-Champagne, with its cellars are carved dir4etly into the chalk hillside.


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The frivolous and celebratory essence of Champagne is  depicted in the Perrier French Poster

The condition is impeccable and it has been professionally backed on linen which keeps it preserved , easy to roll and ship.


B.Sirven Imprinters of French Posters

Joseph Perrier Poster an edition by B.Sirven Printers since 1834






52″ X 66″

Price (USD)

$ 5,000
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