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Jozef Popczyk Cubist Art Deco Painting Music Duo

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Jozef Popczyk, a Polish artist known for his vibrant palette and affinity for Cubism, demonstrates his skill in blending Cubist and Art Deco styles in this oil painting on paper. Like many of his contemporaries, Popczyk was born in Poland and was drawn to Paris in the 1910s. There, he captured the lively spirit of the city’s club scene, infusing his work with the energy of the Jazz Age.


This picture features a music duo—a singer and horn player- embodying the essence of the Jazz movement in Paris. The composition is dynamic, filled with squares, circles, and diamond shapes that reflect the influence of Cubism and Art Deco. The piece is signed in the lower left corner and has been recently framed using non-reflective museum glass.


Popczyk’s artistic journey took him from an academic style in the early 1910s to a more Cubist-inspired approach around 1930. This stylistic shift resulted in a remarkable body of work that showcased his unique vision and artistic evolution.

Incorporating elements of Cubism, which revolutionized the art world in the early 20th century,


Popczyk’s paintings feature fragmented forms and geometric shapes that artlessly challenge tradition with different styles and deserve the potential response to the turbulent events of essential figures. This makes him an important figure in the history of Polish art and the broader European artistic landscape of the early 20th century.



Art size 9 8/8″ x 12 7/8″
Framed 13.5″ x 16.5″

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$ 2,500
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