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Art Deco Silver Compote with Ebony Detail

Item #2414

A silver art deco compote with ebony base and art deco embellished stand makes a perfect centerpiece to be used in many ways. We love the fluted wood stand with rings of geometric patterned silver that encircle it.


A “compote” is really a shortened version of the French term “compotier” and like the word itself this compote (or footed coupe) comes from France, circa early 1930s.


Fill it with fruit or flowers to lend some drama to your decor like the examples below

silver compote with flowers

Silver Compote with Cheries

Or, in keeping with the more “streamlined” design of this silver compote,

simply float one large  blossom

Art Deco Silver Compote with Ebony Detail




5.5″ tall
9.5″ wide

Price (USD)

$ 950
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