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Century Sterling Silver by Tiffany 1937

Item #2451 SOLD

This set of  Tiffany Sterling Silver in the “Century” Pattern is in perfect condition. It may have never been used, but stored in special felt bags for more than 30 years. Created in 1937 by artist Arthur Leroy Barney it was a commemoration of the Centennial Celebration for Tiffany and company which had been founded in 1837.


Rather than reissue one of the patterns that had been in use over the past 100 years, they introduced something to embody “classic simplicity in the modern spirit” and unveiled this clean lined Art Deco style silverware  to take them “into to the future”.


Silver sets are a specialty of ours at ArtDecoCollection.com and I have handled many pieces in a wide variety of patterns . This one is perfectly balanced, sized, shaped and weighted with just a hint of ornamentation and top quality sterling silver. Service for eight includes 44 pieces .

Why just have “Breakfast at Tiffany’s ”

when you could have “Breakfast WITH Tiffany’s”?


(and lunch and dinner every day)

Breakfast at Tiffany's










8 Forks

8 Knives

8 Salad Forks

8 Soup Spoons

8 Teaspoons

2 Serving Forks

1 Serving Spoon

1 Butter Spreader


15 aqua velvet Tiffany silver storage bags




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