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Silver Champagne Bottle Cocktail Shaker Art Deco

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A uniquely designed silverplated champagne shaped cocktail shaker in perfect condition is a great addition to a shaker collection with interesting and amusing figural motifs. It would also make  a wonderful gift with a sense of celebration .


The silver “cork” unscrews for pouring a cocktail , the polished mahogany wooden neck of the bottle unscrews to be able to add the liquor and ice before shaking. A strainer is built in to the bottom of the neck.


So clever! Inside surface is “like new”  so this is something you can put right  to use.


Champagne Pop!

“I don’t pop my cork for every guy I see…but a cocktail?

Now you’re talking! “


At last! Here is a way to combine the sparkle of champagne and the “punch” of a perfect martini or manhattan with a cocktail shaker in bottle form!




14.5 ” tall
base is 4″ in diameter

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