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Champagne Bucket Copper & Brass Secession Arts & Crafts Design

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Champagne bucket copper & brass in Vienna Secession/Arts & Crafts Design. Steeped in history, this wonderful piece is an original piece from the pre Art Deco period. It has a hand-hammered European feeling with lots of attention to the design influence of Joseph Hoffman and the early Vienna Secessionist movement. The pattern design on the front and back of the copper champagne bucket mirrors (or echos) the brass handles. It also has  similar detailing towards the bottom of the piece.


The condition is newly polished and very nice. It feels like it has just recently finished production. There are a small stamp and number on the bottom but I’ve not been able to read it yet. Could be a lost treasure once we’ve determined the origin.


Kolo Moser 1903 V&A Collection

Kolo Moser 1903



8/5″ T x 7.5″ W plus handles 11″ W

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