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Art Deco Cocktail Shaker "Igene" with Ice Compartment

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The silver plated  ”Igene” Cocktail Shaker is an ingenious invention that has a built in compartment that holds ice inside the shaker.  Created by Farrow and Jackson, mechanical engineers that began producing equipment used in the production and sales of wine and spirits in 1798 and continued until1940 in London, England.  One of their later patents in the1920s was for the “Igene” that could chill a cocktail as it was shaken, thru a concealed canister of crushed ice  that unscrewed from the bottom of the shaker . They were quite proud of their patented inventions and the piece is marked on the side as well as the bottom piece with their patent numbers.


Farrow and Jackson Cocktail Shaker

Just a few of the hundreds of contraptions created for use

in the wine and spirit industry 

by Farrow and Jackson 

Not only is the “Igene” a clever solution, but the tall and graceful shape and heavy silver finsh

make this a most unique addition to any shaker collection as well as being completely useful.





11″ tall
4″ wide

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