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Royal Rochester Tea Pot

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The charming Tea Pot is another piece from our extensive collection of “Royal Rochester” China for Cooking and Serving. Modernistic is the pattern name and it was so far ahead of its time as it debuted in America in 1925. It was the product of a partnership between Robeson “Royal” Rochester and Fraunfelter China.


The tea pot is made of “Royalite”,  a superior grade of china, hand  decorated and fired to an extremely high temperature which makes both decorations and the ware absolutely heat proof.  Their line was

” Beautiful in design, practical in operation and easy to keep clean”


Royal Rochester “Modernistic ” pieces have nickel mountings and the teapot is graced with a red bakelite knob that is attached to a

chain holding a tea strainer inside. Practical and beautiful…they are right about that!


This is  paired with one of our creamer and sugar sets in matching pattern- choose a small version or the  large

Choose a red or black bakelite knob at the top


Royal Rochester Teapot


From their sales catalogue:

A little something we would consider surprising and politically incorrect today, yet there may be a shred of truth in it:

“It pays to appeal to a woman’s sense of style and smartness.

 Women are not interested in mechanical ingenuity.

They buy lovely things that delight the eye and

appeal to their “pride of possession”


Royal Rochester Teapot






Teapot 7.5 ” tall, 9.5″ wide

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