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Gallia Tea Service Two Trays Art Deco

Item #1642 SOLD

A rather unique and stunning service with many outstanding features. Something I have never seen before: First: two trays! So it gives you the chance to carry a nice creamer or sugar to your guest, while your coffee and tea server stay on the large tray? They are two different size trays, both with very nice stepped details, great wooden handles matching the complete service enhanced with beautiful smooth ebony wood handles on every piece. Look through the photos and see all of the nice quality art deco detail. By the way, Gallia was a line that was part of the Christofle Factory. You only have to pick up any of the pieces to experience the quality.



1) coffee 9″T x 8″D x 4″W
2) tea 7″T x 8″D x 5″W
3) creamer 4.25T x 5″D x 3″W
4) sugar 4.25T x 7″D x 4.25W
5) large tray 13″D x 21.5″W
6) med tray 9.5″D x 16″W

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