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Barker Brothers English High Style Art Deco Silver Tea Set

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Spectacular English Coffee and Tea Set with Streamlined Tray in top quality silver plate. With its fluted and faceted design, and the attention to detail you might think this is a classic set in the French Tradition such as those made by Christofle or Galia.  In fact, it was made in Birmingham England by a company with a  rich history. Barker Brothers was established in 1801 and near the turn of the century  became well known for their Victorian and Edwardian designs and then evolved in the early 1930s with a wonderful Art Deco point of view.


There are 5 pieces in total which bear the maker’s mark B.B. The silver is gleaming and most pieces are accented with  beautiful rosewood handles and cascading metalwork which echoes the stepped treatment of most pieces.  The tray itself makes this set worth owning…so rare to find such a stylish tray in pristine condition. Even if you never use this set but simply leave it on display like “jewelry for your home” it would be a wise purchase.  But go ahead and treat yourself!  Fill the pots with coffee and tea and enjoy one of life’s luxuries.



Coffee pot 8″ T x 7″ W
Tea Pot 7″ T x 9″ W
Sugar Bowl 6″ T x 5.5″ W
Creamer 5″ T x 5″ W
Tray 22.5″ W x 13/5″ D

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