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Art Deco Gilbert Brand Electric Table Fan

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A 1930s Gilbert Brand Electric Fan – this is the “Aristocrat” model with its floral shaped cage that echoes the floral shaped logo medallion in the center. It has Aluminum blades, a black base, and an unusual plug with two “finger holes” for an easy grip.


The electric fan was invented in the 1880s, but it gained tremendous popularity in the 1920a and some of the most beautiful as well as functional designs were created in the 1930s. This fan was made by the A.C. Gilbert Company, most famous for the invention of the  Erector Set and other toys as well as a line of small electric products including hair dryers, vibrators, heaters, mixers, and a line of products that used the “Polar Cub” as a secondary brand name.


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Gilbert Electric Fan



11 inches wide
13 inches tall
8 inches deep

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