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Art Deco Silver Tea and Coffee Service Dome Topped

Item #2366

An elegant Art Deco Tea and Coffee Set  that is dome topped and multi faceted.  Nothing can make you feel quite so pampered as having tea brought in on a silver tray .  What? You have no Butler? You have no maid? Ah but you can still have it “made” with a completely deluxe silver service like this one.


tea service 1930s


The shapes of the all pieces are so unusual, and the ebonized wooden handles are such a strong accent to the design. We think the star of this set is the tray which is heavily silver plated and with a very subtle hand hammered effect. The tea pot, coffee pot, creamer and sugar are all wonderful pieces in excellent condition. Notice the delightful curve of the spout and the hinged cupola shaped lids on the pots. This set is special and ready to serve you well!






Tray 24”W x 15”D
Coffee Pot 9”W x 9.5”D
Tea Pot 7”W x 9”D
Creamer 7.5”W x 3.5”D
Sugar 6” x 5.5″

Price (USD)

$ 3,500
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