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Silver Plated Champagne Cooler with Thermos Brand Glass Insert

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Silver Plated  Ice Bucket with lid and Thermos brand glass liner from the 1940s. This unique champagne cooler/ ice bucket  has a pleasing fluted design, a top to keep the ice extra chilled and an insulated  glass liner made by the famous Thermos company.


This is a most useful as well as decorative item and the capacity for keeping liquids hot or cold with Thermos patented glass is well known. Invented in1892 by an English scientist at Oxford, it was further developed by a German company in 1904, and then later became a popular product manufactured in America.  Especially famous for lunch boxes and bottles for hot and cold beverages, there was a period in the 1930s-50s when a series of  Thermos brand ice bucket tliners were manufactured  with some even added to high end products by Tiffany.


The one we offer is in excellent condition and reasonably priced.






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9.5″ tall 7.5″ wide

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