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Art Deco Tantalus Decanter Set in Crystal, Wood and Chrome

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An Art Deco Tantalus with three decanters and a beautiful, lockable carrying case in black and mixed woods with a macassar base.  A classic tantalus holds three crystal decanters, as does this one, but most often they have an “antique”  or turn of the century design. What sets this one apart is the modernist, streamlined style and a touch of chrome embellishment.


“Tantalus” was a mythological character in Greek parables who was tempted or even tortured by having beautiful fruit of the vine almost but

not quite in reach of his lips and fingers. In this same way the liquor tantalus holds beautiful decanters of fine spirits ,but it is kept under lock and key. A creation made popular in England in the late 1800s with a kind of revival in the “Deco Era”  the practical application was meant to keep the servants or children from nipping into the sherry or the fine aged scotch, though it can also make even an ordinary liquor seem so much more glamorous in its lush decanters with cut crystal stoppers.


With one twist of the key, the black lacquered handle folds back to reveal the three decanters , ready to pour, ready to toast. Are you tempted?




RIta Tantalizing

“Gilda” , so tantalizing! “Here’s Looking at you!” 



19″ wide, 12″ tall 5.5 ” deep
bottles are 7.75″ tall, 3″ wide

Price (USD)

$ 2,600
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