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Complete WMF Silverware Service for 12 in Oak Storage Box

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Absolutely compleete and completely fabulous Jugendstil silverware set housed in a beautiful Oak storage chest. This design that shows the smooth transition from Art Nouveau into Art Deco from the famed atelier WMF in Germany. The set appears in their 1907-1908 Catalogue, showing the amazing range of pieces available in this pattern designed by Albert Mayer.


WMF Catalogue



This truly is an heirloom set, something to use, enjoy and pass along for generations to come. The level of detail is so very impressive. The salt cellars have miniature spoons, the fish servers alone are a work of art.


The wooden chest has been lovingly restored, lined in padded suede and with perfect compartments for each piece with metal plaques on each drawer listing the contents.  When we say “place setting” we are not just referring to the usual knife, fork, soup and teaspoon. Oh no! Instead, please look at this extensive list of the contents:



Dinner Forks

Lunch Forks

Fish Forks

Soup Spoons


Dessert Spoons

Demitasse Spoons

Dinner Knives

Luncheon Knives

Fish Knives

Knife Rests


Plus these specialty and serving pieces:

Jam Spoon, Serving Spoon ,Sugar Tongs, Four  Oyster Forks, TwoSalt Cellars and tiny spoons ,Gravy Ladle,Salad  Server Fork and Spoon,Carving Knife and Fork,Grand Ladle,Large Serving Spoon,

Fancy Fish Server Fork and two Fancy Fish Knives .


Highly collectable and important, we encourage you to scroll through all the many photos to see the range of the full total of 151 pieces offered in this set! 


WMF Catalogue


WMF stands for the full name , the  Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik. a German company that was the most important exporter of household decorative silver table ware during  the early part of the 20th Century. WMF pieces cannot be attributed to an individual designer as the company was quite large and employed many artists during their Jugendstil period, however the  era of Albert Mayer, sculptor and designer and the director of the WMF Studio from 1884 until 1914 is considered the high point of its creativity.  In 1900 WMF acquired Albert Koheler’s famous Austrian metalwork company AK& Cie who produced and distributed WMF items under their mark to the Austrian-Hungarian market until 1914. WMF pieces were widely distributed in the early 20th Century to many wealthy homes in many countries.




Oak Storage Box 20 ” Tall, 17.5″ Wide and 16″ Deep

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