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Pierre Le Faguays Art Deco Cymbal Dancer

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Pierre Le Faguays was a French sculptor who was active during the Art Deco period. He was known for his bronze sculptures, which often depicted dancers and other figures in motion. The “Cymbal Dance” sculpture is a prime example of the work of Pierre Le Faguays and this example is one of the best I’ve seen.


The use of double-patinated bronze in the sculpture is significant, as it gives the piece a rich and complex texture. This effect is achieved by applying two layers of patina to the bronze, in this case, gold and silver. The resulting contrast in color and texture creates a dynamic visual effect that is characteristic of the Art Deco style. The cymbals are made of bronze also.


The fact that the sculpture is signed by Le Faguays is also important, as it indicates that it is an authentic work by the artist. Collectors and art enthusiasts often seek out signed works by important artists like Le Faguays, as they are considered to be more valuable and desirable.


Overall, the “Cymbal Dance” double-patinated bronze sculpture by Pierre Le Faguays is a beautiful example of the Art Deco style. Its use of materials, dynamic composition, and skilled craftsmanship make it a highly sought-after piece among collectors and enthusiasts of Art Deco sculpture.



14″ T x 3″ W x 4″ D

Price (USD)

$ 3,800
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