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Stunning Woman statue on marble holding Alabaster carved globe

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Here is one of your classic art deco lamps, a 1920′s styled woman holding a globe. BUT, you have never seen one like this! This one has the addition of maybe the finest example of carved and etched period alabaster I’ve ever seen. It is like she is holding up the sun. The warm color of amber aged alabaster lights up a room like no other material. We probably will never see a piece like this again. It is not only carved out with insert of translucent material, but there is additional metal detailing on the top and also on the bottom which holds the alabaster in place. The metal work is quite interesting with intersecting classic patterns and some very nice high deco designs as well. There are contrasting patinations of verde green and bronze mixed throughout the piece and she is propped up on a wonderful block of faceted black/gray/white marble.



18″ T x 7″ D x 5″ W base (alabaster globe is 8″ across)

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