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Professional Art Deco Mid Century Desk by Stow and Davis

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Executive Art Deco Mid-Century era desk, extremely well made in America (Grand Rapids, Michigan) by Stow & Davis.  Twin pedestal bases with a complementary top, echoes this classic shape. Very nice mahogany veneers and  lots of drawers for just about everything:   There are a total of 8 drawers; one filing cabinet size drawer, one shallow stationary drawer, 2 smaller drawers, and 4 average size drawers. Great original naturally polished brass hardware which allows complete control over all the drawers.  I know this desk very well as I had a similar model I used for about 12 years and sold it after we moved out from our San Francisco location. This one has been restored in the recent and appears to be in excellent condition with only minor imperfections.


Along with being a gorgeous desk it also has a story. This is the same desk as the one Thomas Francis developed the flu vaccine on and Jonas Salk worked at during field trials of the Polio vaccine at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. That desk was refinished to be displayed at the University of Michigan museum.


Professional Art Deco Desk by Stow and Davis



67″ W x 39″ D x 29″ T

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