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Art Deco Silver Centerpiece and Mirrored Tray

Item #2376


This Art Deco Silver Centerpiece has wonderful zig zag designs, a fluted glass insert with a starburst pattern and unique handles on the bowl and tray with geometric floral embellishments.


We have fallen in love with these early 20th Century  centerpieces, and there has been a sucession of them “borrowed” from our showroom inventory, placed in our own  dining room for a short time…until they are sold and we begin again with yet another Art Nouveau or Deco “jardiniere” as they are often called.  The elaborate designs that are  pressed into the silver , echoed in the frame of the matching mirrored tray a the uniquely carved  removeable glass  shells all contribute to the beauty . You will find this in perfect condition : fine silver-plating and the glass insert without chips or flaws.


It is so elegant, it needs only a single gardenia or camelia blossom floating to make a lovely display. On the other hand, why not  go a little bit wild with cascading fruit, flowers or fancy desserts piled into the centerpiece? These pieces were so popular  between 1900 and 1935  and ready to bring glamour back to you today.




Silver centerpiece filled with grapes and roses for a dramatic display





One of our best suggestions!  Fill the glass bowl with a fancy dessert and 

slip it back into the silver centerpiece






mirrored tray 12″ x 20″
glass bowl 8.5 x 12.75 ”
silver centerpiece 15″ x 9″x 4.25″ deep

Price (USD)

$ 2,500
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