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Norman Bel Geddes Art Deco Pitcher and Glasses

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 This dramatic Art Deco pitcher and 4 matching glasses is beautifully copper plated and lined in silvered tin. The designer is Norman Bel Geddes, one of the most important contributors to the streamlined and futuristic movements.  Originally a theater set and costume designer, he opened his own industrial design studio in 1927. His work included a wide range of commercial products, including commemorative bronze medallions, radios, furniture  and an Art Deco “House of Tomorrow” as well as the  General Motors Pavillion for the 1939 New York World’s Fair. 


His skyscraper cocktail shaker and cups is an iconic set that regularly appears in museum shows and books and is one of the most highly valued additions to any collection. Since that set with its tray and glasses is many thousands of dollars, here is an opportunity to own a copper version of a original  Bel Geddes “drinking set”  at a great price.


Manhattan “Skyscraper” cocktail set


His “automobile of tomorrow” , though never (yet) produced has shaped a popular  vision of the “future” of transportation and has appeared in film and exhibitions of all kinds. His book “Magic Motorways”, 1940 provides a glimpse of the future of cars and driving…some of it having “come true” and others still in the realm of fantasy.


Norman Bel Geddes

 Norman Bel Geddes






Pitcher 12″ tall,
Copper cups 6″ tall

Price (USD)

$ 550
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