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Grand Art Deco Iron and Alabaster Table Lamp

Item #2261

This is Art Deco Ironwork and Alabaster on a grand scale! Another in our series of custom made iron in the traditional “fer forge” technique in a style developed in the 1920s by such artists as Edgar Brandt, Raymond Subes and Paul Kiss. It is really a wonder that anyone can still do this kind of work today which requires the physical strength to work in blacksmithing but to have the artistic ability to make the finished product almost seem delicate. Cascading floral motifs and lyrical curves take the medium of iron and give it an entirely different point of view.


Then to combine it with double barrels of alabaster, warmly stained and beautifully grained is another success story for us in the creation of pieces like this. We know you will never see anything quite like this…although you might imagine that they came from a historic bank building or hotel, they were really made just for you! Modern wiring with antique styled cloth cords and a nifty on/off switch on the cord make these ready for home or office use.  The best part?  We have a pair available now.





26″ tall, 18 ” wide
base is 8″x8″

Price (USD)

$ 2,400
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