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Amsterdam School of Design Original Chandelier Art Deco

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Amsterdam School of Design is one of my favorite periods and there is not a lot written or available in the USA. I bought this in the Netherlands and it has unique point of view: Art Deco meets Art Nouveau meets Craftsman. Some great ideas were developed during this period utilizing elements of all these design directives. This is an original chandelier in everyway. Metalwork, fabric and fringe. Would be very interesting in a entrance, over a dining room table, or study.


Most famous for Amersterdam School of design is the Tuchinsky Theatre which is still available and open in Amsterdam. I highly recommend a visit to this spectacular building, the interior has been kept very much in original condition. This is one of the most spectacular surviving cinemas from the Golden Age of cinema. Best of all to see a film in the large Screen room,  but they also offer an audio tour in the mornings where you can see the auditorium, corridors and behind the scenes. The guide gives you an insight into the history of the building , its style and the life story of the man who built in and died tragically in the holocaust.







33″ T x 15″ W x 15″ D (23″ with bulbs)

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$ 1,600
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