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Historically significant Art Deco Bar with stylized Black Jazz Musicians

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I am so so so excited about this piece. I have been waiting to offer this for over 8 months. It just arrived all the way from South America. Originally built in the 1930′s for a very wealthy industrialist living in Uruguay. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. The bar has been restored but the painting of the musicians is completely untouched or molested to show it origins and age. The painting is on parchment, an integral part of the bar. It was originally lacquered (you can see the fine lacquer cracks in the painting. I would not change this at all. It shows age, but looks fantastic.

I wish I had a place in my home for it. I love Art Deco bars as you must know from visiting our web site. This is probably the most interesting one I’ve ever seen and maybe one of the more unusual pieces I have been able to purchase in many years. It takes you right back to the real “Jazz Age” the mystery of music, the social mentality at that time. It preserves a very wonderful painting. This is where Art + Music + Jazz + Race have all met at one particular time in history. It must go to the right person(s) home!


This bar was used in a TV commercial:  AXE body spray for men.



39.5″ T X 97″ W X 16″ D Bar
26.5″ T X9″ W X 3 bar stools

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