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Art Deco Cozy Corner Daybed Sofa

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Talk about comfort! This glamorous Art Deco Cozy-Corner takes at-home relaxation to a new and luxurious level. Our Cozy-Corner is upholstered in an off-white fabric with an Art Deco shell-inspired motif in black. The sofa section is trimmed with Macassar woods and nestled between two attached and richly grained Macassar cabinets. Each of the cabinets feature open fronts with adjustable shelving, side storage with doors and adjustable shelving and chrome hardware. Both, the cabinets and the sofa’s trim feature striking and intricate invroid inlay details. This cozy and generously sized…uh…Cozy-Corner is perfect for guest seating while entertaining but simply irresistible to nappers world-wide.




107-1/2″ Wide X 32-1/2″ Deep X 37″ Tall (back)
Each cabinet measures 25-3/4″ Deep X 13-1/2″ Wide X 27″ Tall

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