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6 Art Deco French Dining Room or Side Chairs

Item #3136

6 Art Deco French Dining Room or side chairs. Original condition and very interesting frame design with tapered elongated backs. Original fabric in nice condition but does show slight signs of 90 years old. Could be easily replaced but the chairs have a great patina overall and are very serviceable without needing to do anything. Could be married to many style Art Deco dining room tables as was the typical way one could buy a table and chairs during the 1930s, the original period.


The fabric feels like leather, very smooth and the color is a subtle red. We have many available Art Deco dining tables under the dining room link that these would look great with.




19″W x 17″D x 19″D (seat) x 36″ T back height

Price (USD)

$ 2,800
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