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Beautiful Book Match Veneer Vitrine Art Deco

Item #2155

This beautiful vitrine in rich,” book matched”* walnut veneer is the perfect way to showcase the other fabulous things you have collected. Take a close look at the wood grain patterns, the beveled glass, the bakelite handles  and the iconic art deco zig zag detail in each corner and you will see what makes French furniture of the period so esteemed .


Lock it up with original keys and enjoy the way you can display treasures on the top section while storing others in the deep cabinets below.

What is “book matching” ?


The most commonly used match in the industry is where every other “leaf” of veneer is turned over like the pages of a book.

Thus the grain is mirrored in each adjacent leaf. The visual effect created is that veneer joints match, creating a symmetrical pattern. This type of matching yields maximum continuity of grain. When sequenced panels are specified, prominent characteristics “ascend” or “descend” across the match as the leaves progress from panel to panel 







65″ tall
45″ wide
17.5″ deep

Price (USD)

$ 6,500
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