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Art Deco Speakers

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These speakers are for the more serious home environment, where matching the style of the interior is as important as having great sound. These speakers are a pleasure to look at as well as hear. The finish can be somewhat custom to fit your personal environment including such thing as special woods, grill cloth, satin or gloss finish.

Technical Information
The speaker is a 3 way design using an 8″woofer, a 4″ bass midrange and 1″ dome tweeter. The enclosure is compter-optimized for a modified ZB3 vented-type of response yielding an F3 of about 42HZ. This volume provides a well damped group delay profile for bas detail and produces an output of 100DB, remaining linear down to 28Hz. The crossover is computer-optimized as a 4th order linkwitz-Riley type at 400HZ and 3.75KHZ which yields an overall efficiency of about 85db. The final response of the speaker is 45Hz-26khz1/2db with a very flat off axis response profile.

Complete Home Theater Systems also available. Please E-mail any questions you might have.
These demo speakers are $5000, a new custom pair would be approx. $6800



The speaker is 40″ tall X 9.5″ wide and 16″ deep.

Price (USD)

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