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Zenith Art Deco Radio 6-S-128 Tombstone (1937) Bluetooth

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The Art Deco Zenith six-tube large Broadcast/ShortWave radio will be a highlight of any vintage radio collection. It retains the original rare and perfect model 49-117 speaker, the original wooden knobs, bezel, dial glass and dial scale, all in beautiful condition.

The cabinet has been refinished  and appears to be original smooth semi-gloss condition. Grille cloth is a correct reproduction. A thorough restoration of the electronics was performed: replacing all electrolytic (filter) caps, all waxed paper caps, replacement of all  resistors and tubes, complete alignment (stations appear on dial in correct place). As a result, it receives stations across all bands. 

Additionally, this radio has been fitted with an 1/8 inch adapter which will allow you to use this with your iPhone, smartphone, iPods or record player. Access your old vinyl, or tune into Pandora, Apple Music or the playlist on your computer to provide the tunes and use the Bluetooth connection to bring the warm, bright, analogue sound of a tube amplifier to any music or recordings you choose. The quality of the sound is excellent – just ask any guitarist since these kinds of tube based amps are still being made and used today. You will have the best of “digital” and “analogue” combined.


Zenith Radio



22-1/2″H x 17″W x 12″D

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