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1939 Philco Mdel 39-6 Table Top Tube Radio Bluetooth

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1939 Philco model 39-6 table top tube radio featuring a gorgeous American Walnut cabinet, ribbon cut inlays, attractive gold dial, great Art Deco appeal and fantastic performance across the AM broadcast band. Additionally switched bluetooth component allows you to go from AM radio to any bluetooth capable device.


This will allow you to use iPhone, Smartphones, Bluetooth or Record player. There is nothing that sounds better than hearing the warm bight analogue sound of a tube amplifier. You can just ask any guitarist since these kind of amps are still being made and used. You have the best of digital and analogue combined together.


The American Walnut cabinet is a real beauty. Eye catching wood grain flows throughout the entire set, especially on the solid wood sides. The waterfall top, coupled with ribbon cut inlays showcase the elegant designs so popular from the era. An intricate wave cut grill not only looks great but allows for optimal sound from the speaker. Jet black trim adds the perfect contrast. This classic Philco is sure to turn heads no matter which room in the home or office you choose to display it in.


Dial & Knobs: Philco’s popular gold dial is quite the looker. It is illuminated by a top mounted dial lamp and features the AM broadcast scale in kilocycles at the top and meters on the bottom. The center of the dial boasts an attractive sunburst design and airplane style pointer. All letters and numbers on the dial are legible and show virtually no signs of wear. Both knobs are in perfect shape and control on/off & volume and tuning.


Grill Cloth: The 1930’s style grill cloth is a fine reproduction featuring a yellow gold color with a standard weave design.


Chassis: All tubes in the 5 tube chassis were tested with any weak tubes being replaced. All caps, filters, and resistors were checked and replaced as needed. All brittle or bare wiring was replaced or re-insulated. The chassis has been cleaned, lubed, and re-aligned for optimal performance. Using the included copper line antenna the radio performs very well. I’m able to receive many stations across the AM broadcast band with good tone and plenty of volume.





12 1/4″ W x 7 1/2” H x 6 1/4″ D

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