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Art Deco Peach Glass & Chrome Clock

Item #2208

This sleek peach glass and chrome clock is the perfect answer to the often asked question

” What is Streamline Art Deco? “.

Now just imagine a clock of an earlier era… ornate, fussy, potentially beautiful but typically  complicated…and then feast your eyes on the simplicity, the clean lines and the use of only what is essential to the design of this timepiece. There are no “numbers”… but you don’t need them! Just seeing the chrome plated icons let’s you know what the numeral would be!


Even the fact that it is an eight -day-wind up clock  streamlines its function. There is no jumble of wires ,plugs and chords, no bulky battery pack, just an elegant chrome key to wind it and only once a week or so.


Peach glass is created by adding gold in the firing of the glass, so there is richness of material,but simplicity in design.


How elegant an addition to your mantle, desk or bedside table!



6″ tall and 6″ wide

Price (USD)

$ 1,500
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