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Amsterdam School of Art Deco Clock

Item #2209

This oak wood and metal clock is such a nice example of the “Amsterdam School”  of design… a “movement within a movement” since it is certainly  ”Art Deco” but is decidedly “Dutch” and a particular style that draws from the Arts and Crafts and Jugendstil and shows that subtle transition that took place in the way things were created between 1910 and 1930s.


 The architecture and design have elements that mirror each other.

Here is a Church built in the Amsterdam School Style

You can see the relationship between the clock and the building

amsterdamschool architecture

Most of the buildings of this period were built of brick in tones of brown and rust while the clocks are primarily made of dark and golden oak with brass or chrome accents. Nothing in the Dutch Deco Design is lavish or overly ornamental , but distinct  and purposeful in its lines.


This is an efficient eight day wind clock… so no messy cords and plugs…just a neat little door in the back of the piece which opens to reveal a pendulum and a key for winding.





13.5″ wide
9.5″ tall
5″ deep

Price (USD)

$ 1,500
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