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Exceptional Ceramic Vase by Eva Zeisel 1930s

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Eva Zeisel a most important 20th and 21st centruy artist and mast ceramicist whose design directions have circumvented almost all styles for the past 70 years. This particular piece offered here is quite exceptional in style and size. Manufactured most likely in German circa 1930′s. There is a slight mark on the bottom hard to read, but the repetitive modernist art deco design using these playful colors is quite unusual.


About Eva Zeisel:
Born in Budapest in 1906, Eva Stricker entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts at age 17, intending to become a painter, but her mother prevailed upon her to learn some trade whereby she could earn a living, the world of fine art being chancy. So Eva apprenticed herself to a traditional potter and began learning her trade. The life of the apprentice in any of the trades was not always easy or pleasant, but Eva persisted and soon graduated to journeyman status. Just a year after that her work was displayed at the Philadelphia Sesquicentennial, where she won an honorable mention. By then she was working as a designer in the Kispester Factory in Budapest. She then advertised in the trade papers that she was a qualified journeyman seeking a position and received several responses. When asked recently why she chose the particular one she did she replied, “Because it was the furthest from home.” She wanted to travel and widen her experience of the world and at the same time increase her skills. She moved to Schramberg, Germany,where she acquired skills in all phases of industrial production and became one of the first (and certainly the first woman) to move the ceramic arts into contemporary mass production.



16″ T x 7″ W

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