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Longwy Art Deco French Cloisonné Ceramic Large Display Dish

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An Art Deco display or serving dish from Longwy.  This piece is unusual for its  large size and modernist embellishment.  Using the classic colors of Longwy (the interplay of dark cobalt and light blues) but in a fresh approach with stylized tropical leaves and geometric blossoms.  It has the perfectly refined Craquele technique as well as the Ceramic Cloisonné that is the hallmark of all Longwy pieces.


What makes this piece special as well is all the signatures and titles on the bottom of the piece. It bears the elaborate Longwy logo, but also the name “JAZZ” as well as the signature of the artist :  Creation by Gil.


Longwy Art Deco French Cloisonné Ceramic Large Display Dish


Longwy is the name of a town where three countries meet. Part of France,it nearly borders Belgium and Germany and the techniques and advances in pottery in the early part of the 20th Century were shared by these three countries . The faiance factory at Longwy began in 1798 and developed it’s iconic style of craquele (crackle finish) and cloisonné in the late 1800s. Borrowing the concept from ancient Chinese and Japanese Cloisonné which is created with the use of metal bands which form the outlines with enamel colors filling in.,Ceramic Cloisonné duplicates this by making deep lines in the surface of the clay piece and then coloring each section with rich color before firing. Outstanding pieces were created in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco Eras.


Longwy is well known for perfection in the detailing of the cloisonne execution  as exemplified bythe design of this beautiful display dish


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16″ wide
9.5″ tall

Price (USD)

$ 2,800
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