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Lucien Gibert Bronze Statue 'The Archer' French Art Deco Sculpture

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Master sculptor Lucien Gilbert with his famous “The Archer” sculpture embraces the finest in French bronze detailing of the period. The size, quality, and weight of this piece is impressive. The verdigris patina has a unique character and the textured finish which helps to create a depth and presence not normally seen in these typical muscular hunting figures inspired by so many European sculptors of this period. The shape and tension help to portray the intensity of the moment as we see the seriousness of the hunter preparing to shoot his bow.


Lucien Gibert Bronze Statue 'The Archer' French Art Deco Sculpture


Lucien Gibert 1904-1988


Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts. He worked as an independent under the guidance of Despiau, while working with the less conventional art. He liked to work with stone or marble in direct carving. He created many monuments and was the author of more than two hundred medals for the Monnaie de Paris where he was the director. His works are in the Museums of Modern Art in the City of Paris and in twenty museums in France and in the World. His works are in many private collections. He was an officer of the Legion of Honor and an officer in the National Order of Merit. He is buried in the 61st division where his burial is decorated with a work of the artist.



30″ T x 28″ W x 6.5″ D

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$ 7,500
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