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Joe Descomps Large Art Deco Bronze Two Women with Flower Garlands

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A very rare and impressive patinated bronze sculpture of two women holding an extensive array of rose garlands. Quality foundry and all original genuine patina. The piece is signed “Guirande” on the bronze, a well-known pseudonym for Joe Descomps. French circa 1925-1930. The subject matter of two women holding rose garlands is also notable, as it reflects the Art Deco fascination with the female form and nature motifs. The extensive array of roses suggests a sense of abundance and opulence, which was a hallmark of the Art Deco style.


Joe Descomps (1869-1950) was a well-known French sculptor and jeweler who utilized casting, engraving, and enamels to create exquisite jewelry. He received his early training at Falguières under H. Hiolin, an engraver and metal designer. In 1883, he became a member of the French Society of Artists, and by 1898, he had risen to prominence as an artist. He received an honorable mention the same year for several pieces; two small statues and three gold brooches, Insouciance, Le Sommeil, and Enfant nénuphar. Descomps moved from his location on 399 Rue des Pyrénées, to 37 Rue du Moulin-Vert in 1900. From this location, he exhibited jewelry cast by the firms Louchet and Rambour. In 1908, he participated in an exhibition at the Museum Galliera entitled “Precious Head Ornaments”. His jewelry often depicted sculpted female forms within naturalistic floral and pastoral settings.


The fact that the sculpture is made of bronze and has an original patina is also significant. Bronze is a durable and long-lasting material that has been used for centuries in sculpture-making. A patina is the natural aging and discoloration of the bronze over time, which can add to its aesthetic appeal and historical value.



23″ T x 19.5″ W x 6.7″ D

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$ 10,000
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