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Classic Bronze Lion Statue by Josue Dupon Belgian Sculptor Art Deco

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Classic Deocrative Bronze by Josue Dupon. Classically trained, his work can be found throughout Belgium. Antwerp Zoo and other major installations. This unique work is from the period of 1896, Dupon was a contemporary of Carlos Bugatti who also was known for this style: realism and interpretations of the modern wild animals. Beautiful signature, stunning rendering and amazing quality. The posture of the male lion is very realistic, extremely  life-like casting. This is where you see the connection from the Art Nouveau period and how it later became a very common direction also associated with the Art Deco period.



Josuë Dupon (also Josué or Josue Dupon) was a Flemish sculptor and engraver. He received his education through  the National Higher Institute for Fine Arts (1887). After his studies he first worked in the studio of sculptor Clément Carbon in Roeselare. He was good friends with sculptor Jules Lagae. In 1891 he won a gold medal with the monumental sculpture group Samson killing the lion and he became second in the Romeprijs for sculpture. From 1905 to 1934 he was a teacher of sculpture at the Antwerp Academy.


Dupon was best known as a sculptor of realistic images of exotic animals. The placement of his Camemberter and two bronze groups at the entrance of the Antwerp Zoo confirmed that reputation. He also made busts, war memorials (Ichtegem, Berchem, Hoogstraten, Roeselare) and public monuments, such as the equestrian statue of Constant Lievens in Moorslede (unveiled in 1929). The statue Man with the pelican is the bronze preliminary design for the central figure in a monumental fountain erected on the Mont des Arts in Brussels . During renovations that fountain was removed in 1958 and the statue moved to the Unesco roundabout near the station in Bruges. Dupon also produced small carved ivory images and a series of medallions.










20″ W x 9.5″ D x 10″ T

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$ 8,500
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