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Vivaudou Mavis Original Print Ad with Custom Mat and Frame

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An original advertisement for Mavis by Vivaudou elaborately framed with a custom designed mat.  This beautiful illustration is by Fred L. Packer, who did a gorgeous series of advertisements for this company.

Though March winds are chill-

the world is gay and Mavis still brings you

the charm of its irresistible fragrance. 


What makes this piece and the other three we are offering so special  is the hand made mat that takes elements of the original piece and then replicates these fragments to exend the art into the matting thus making it a larger and more unique piece. The woman who designs the frame and matting is an artist herself, creating something that honors the original print with her mats that surround it.


Fred Packer’s history is interesting in that he was born in Los Angeles in 1886. Not many artists were working in that especially French Style of Art Nouveau and earliest of Art Deco (1914-1920).  So many artists were influenced by the work being done in France in the mid 20s but Packer seems to have captured that style before most other illustrators- especially those working outside of Europe!


His lush illustrations in bright colors certainly set him apart and contributed to the great-but short lived- success of the perfume and cosmetic company owned by Victor Vivaudou. Packer did a rich series of advertisements in this style but by 1930 had given that up and moved into the realm of creating black and white Political Cartoons.  He did much work for Los Angeles Examiner and the San Francisco Call Bulletin and in 1932 joined the New York Journal.  His black and white  political cartoons are clever and bold, but the bear little resemblance to the lavish advertising ,magazine covers and art prints of the 1920s.


Here is a cartoon for which he won the Pulitzer Prize in 1952

Fred Packer Cartoon


Here is another illustration of the products in the Mavis by Vivaudou line of cosmetics.

mavis products


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17.5″ width
22″ height

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