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1929 Art Deco Silverware Set in Deauville Pattern Service for Eight

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A set of Community Silver-plate silver service for 8 in a  lined wooden chest. This set is in the Deauville Pattern from 1929 that features a very geometric design and is considered to the the most “iconic” Art Deco Design in silverware. . In addition to the knives, forks and spoons there are serving pieces- large serving spoons and a beautiful serving fork , butter spreaders and a graceful ladle.


This original ad from the year of its design describes the luxurious life in Deauville , France and also proclaims  ” The supreme note of what is star perfectly expresses Deauville”



Deauville Advert.

The Oneida Community began making silverware in 1877, but it was in the 1920s-1950s that so many very Art Deco Patterns were created and heavily marketed to American brides as their silverware of choice.


The wooden chest is lined in perfect red felt which will prevent the silver from tarnishing


We feature many luxurious  sets of French, German and Italian silverware at ArtDecoCollection.com that are of “heirloom quality” but we highly recommend a set like this one from Community/Oneida to use and enjoy everyday.


The silverware (along with the matching china) was exhibited in the San Francisco Airport Museum major exhibition ” Life and Style in the Age of Art Deco”.


SFO  Art Deco Exhibit

 from the SFO Museum Exhibit of Life and Style in the Age of Art Deco


Included in the set are

8 Knives

8 Dinner Forks

8 Salad Forks

8 Soup Spoons

8 Tea Spoons


Serving Fork

Two Serving Spoons

Two Butter Spreaders

Sugar Shell




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