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Wurlitzer Butterfly Baby Grand Piano Art Deco Streamline

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This 1937 Streamline Art Deco Butterfly Wurlitzer Baby Grand Piano original finish and remarkable condition. Wurlitzer 88 key Deluxe has been positively identified as the Style 1411. Of the Wurlitzer Butterfly Pianos, this model has the best detailing. It has the unique winged shape and is one of the most sought after Art Deco innovations in piano design. The design of the wood that backs the pedals has great art deco detail.


Streamlined elements, including a quartet of raised banding around the body. These are actually sound port slots that radiate all the way around the case, and allow sound to escape the cabinet.  The “winged” lids open to reveal a secondary ported removable inner lid. These lids are decoratively cut out to allow the sound to ring out via a large F hole, similar to a violin, as well as multiple radial slots along the outer edge.The walnut is beautiful, warm and deeply grained.


Although no one really knows exactly how many of these were made the number is thought to be approximately 75 that were manufactured in 1937. The “Butterfly” was made in at least two different sizes including a 73 key version in a Duncan Phyfe, Louis XV or Art Deco style case. The piano offered here is the most professional version of this piano, a standard 88 key model which makes it the most valuable. The piano appears to have remained local as it was sold by the California Supply Co. in Venice, in 1937. This piano has been well cared for and has been maintained by technician during its life as indicated by our most recent service. It is ready for another 80 years.


Wurlitzer Butterfly Baby Grand Piano Art Deco Streamline


Butterfly Patent Drawings
US Patent 2215097 is simply labeled as PIANO.  The design in this patent is credited to Cyril FarnyThe patent was filed April 19th of 1938.  The main focus of the patent is detailing the various ways the piano can be ported to allow the sound to escape the rim without opening the lids.  The piano actual case design is credited to William Zaiser



Developed in a time of great innovation in art, design and music the Butterfly Piano by Rudolph Wurlitzer is an example of a perfect piece of  both form and function.


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Wurlitzer Butterfly Baby Grand Piano Art Deco Streamline



36″ tall x 55″wide x 48″ long

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