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Art Deco Bookends in Black and Green Vitrolite

Item #3087

Unique Art Deco Bookends made of thick panels of black and turquoise/green  vitrolite with a modernist flair.


Vitrolite was a celebrated material in the Deco era- a glass product with embedded opaque color that was used on storefronts, signage,  walls and table tops in kitchens and bathrooms of the period and occasionally for decorative items such as this pair of bookends.


Pigmented structural glass (later known by one of its commercial names “Vitrolite” ) was introduced  in the early 1900s but it was not until the 1930s that a rich array of colors was introduced.


These bookends are original and in superb condition.






4″ x 4.5 “

Price (USD)

$ 700
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