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Silverplate Art Deco/Art Nouveau WMF Table Mirror

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This Silverplate Art Deco/Art Nouveau WMF Table Mirror is ideal for a dressing table, vanity, or mantle. It features stylish details that transition from Art Nouveau to Art Deco, with elements that could even be considered Secessionist design. The design includes many future Art Deco linear lines embossed throughout.


Their unique “hard silver plating” method, which adds extra layers of silver to parts that would typically wear out, has preserved the enduring beauty of these over 100-year-old objects. The mirror retains its original beveled edge. The silver plate has been recently refreshed, and the wood back is in excellent condition.


Between 1900 and 1910, the German company WMF rose to fame for its Art Nouveau style and established branches for worldwide exports in London, Warsaw, and Vienna. Many pieces were sent to Argentina through the exclusive distributor Anezin Hermanos y Cia, and it is likely that Harrods Department Store, which opened on Florida Street in Buenos Aires in 1912, was one of the major retailers of decorative pieces such as this mirror.


Custom Art Deco Silver Mirror and Console



21.5″ T x 16.25″ W x 10″ D

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$ 2,400
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