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Napier 4 Cocktail Shakers Silver-Plated Five Piece Wood Caddy

Item #3441

Set of four newly restored silver-plated cocktail shakers each with a cocktail selection dial on the top, contained within a Tantalus-like frame/stand that secures the shakers in place when carrying. This wooden base caddy with a silver-plated handle has a silver-plated rack that lowers to secure the shakers and raises to release them to be served. Circa 1934. Impressed with the manufacturer’s mark, Napier to the underside of each shaker as well as ‘U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending’.


The top of each shaker has a wheel and rotating arrow to indicate the desired cocktail to be prepared. Ten-period cocktails are engraved on the wheel spokes: Manhattan, Martini, Side Car, Bronx, etc. The shakers are in 2 sections, the top part lifts off to reveal a built-in strainer, and the top, once upturned, is designed to be used as a cup if so desired. Extremely rare set, especially in this restored condition.


William Powell Cocktails



8.50” T x 6” W x 6 “ D
(Shakers are 6 “ T x 2.25” D)

Price (USD)

$ 3,000
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