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Large Art Deco Sconces Style of Petito Pair

Item #1093 SOLD

Here’s a large and fantastic pair of very unusual new sconces. The body of each fixture is made of chrome and features a very strong Art Deco geometric stepped design on the top and bottom. Rather than a typical shade or glass insert, these unique sconces employ numerous alternating clear and frosted glass rods that diffuse the light with a wondrous magical effect. Each sconce can accommodate up to four light bulbs each. Please note that in our pictures only two light bulbs have been employed; in the middle section of each fixture. Due to the large size of these magnificent fixtures, they can be utilized in a large entrance hallway or for a dramatic effect on a large wall.




36-1/2″ Tall X 7″ Wide X 4″ Deep

Price (USD)

$ 4,200
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