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Art Deco Vitrine in Black Glass and Chrome

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A glamorous Art Deco  display case, a “Vitrine” as it is called in France, fashioned of chrome with black lacquer, glass, and mirrors that is the perfect way to show off a special collection. An impressive 66 inches tall, it makes a grand statement, has plenty of storage in cabinets below while it highlights  the objects  inside on glass shelving . It features strips of lighting, a reflective back wall,  drawers for storage and even two small shelves that slide out for an extra surface .  Streamlined hardware completes the design.


In today’s world we have websites, “platforms” and pages you can scroll on the internet, but in the 1930s they had such gorgeous shop windows, and truly fabulous pieces created for interior displays. Merchandising was an art form, and this piece from Argentina is an example of of the type of upscale furnishing that was found in the very high end shops of Buenos Aires between 1900 and 1940.


Place this in your home and fill it with sculpture, china, ceramics or glass. Use it to show off trinkets or treasures in the manner of the luxurious department stores of the Jazz Age.


Bullocks DeptStore

Bullocks Wilshire Department Store 1930



66 ” Tall, 44″ Wide, 20″ Deep
11″ x 13″ Drawers
8″x 10″ Pull out Shelves

Price (USD)

$ 6,000
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