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Art Deco Streamline Modern Bar with matching stools

Item #1789 SOLD

This is an original Art Deco Bar.  The exterior is enamel painted on metal or porcelain. Very, very unusual. I was told at the time of purchase, it was originally part of a lunch counter.  Found its way to Art Deco Collection from somewhere in Missouri. I would date it from the late 1930′s very New York World’s Fair. We did a little work and built a custom made platform to elevate it to “bar” height (also makes a great place to rest your feet or lean right into). The lower platform is finished with black ribbed rubber and metal edging (it has a natural step) We also replaced the top with a matching red formica, no seams.


Is  J. Gatsby anywhere to be found? Offered today from my own private and personal “Speakeasy”


It has been extremely useful, a lot of fun and great looking! Lots of storage and something you can build a room around (which is what we did back then). There are 4 bar stools that were specially upholstered to match the bar. The colors are a warm beige (a hint of yellow) with red detailing. The front of the bar has this great modernist art deco design with intersecting 1/4 moon shapes in the middle. Nice metal edging all the way around the bar. The back is organized with nice partitioned shelves, great to store anything. We have had some amazing parties with this bar so you better be ready for some serious good times (if you are the eventual buyer). People love it! Great Bar and 4 stools. Who is ready for this beauty?



72″ W x 32″ T x 28″ D

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