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French Oak Architect's Cabinet

Item #933

Very unusual and beautiful French architects cabinet in Oak with gold leaf treatments on the handles. This would also make a great wine storage cabinet in a dining room. Or at least, someone could remove cubby hole storage and make it into a nice stereo storage viewing room cabinet. Very unusual design, the outside doors pull out to allow for storage inside the cabinet of things such as drawings, posters or anything that has a long vertical shape. The overall size is 81″ wide (which includes the 4″ handles on each side so 73″ for the major part of the piece), 50″ T X 16″ D. The outside storage compartments open up another 20″ on each side when full open. The front interior storage is approx. 38″ X 38″. Quite a handsome piece. The round gold leaf pole style handles are decorative as you access that area from the side.



81″ wide, 50″ T, 16″D

Price (USD)

$ 5,500
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