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Unique high quality original "Columbia" gramophone record-player

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These are so much fun if you’ve never had or used one. This original record player was manufactured in England by the Columbia company circa 1930′s and was exported to Argentina for the South American markets. This piece was sold at “Max Glucksmann on Florida street in Buenos Aires” It is a very high quality player in pristine original condition. The metal work is clean, and shiny. The machine’s play “78″ records which are quite available from classical, to jazz and pop recordings as early as 1920′s -1950′s. It require NO electricity, just a little turn of the handle. This machine is very sturdy and plays loud enough to fill a small room or take on a picnic. As you can see it all folds up to a compact size which is easily carried.



11.75”W x 16D x 7”T

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